《敦煌研究》2016年中英文目录   2017年02月06日 中国宗教学术网






The Editorial Department of Dunhuang Research, Dunhuang Forum 2016: Convergence and Innovation-International Conference in Commemoration of the 1650th Anniversary of the Mogao Grottoes Held at the Dunhuang Academy



WANG Xudong, Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Dunhuang forum 2016: Convergence and Innovation International Conference in Commemoration of the 1650th Anniversry of the Mogao Grottoes



HAO Chunwen, Speech by HAO Chunwen, Chairman of Chinese Association of Dunhuang and Turfan Studies



JIA Taibin, Speech by JIA Taibin, Mayor of Dunhuang City


“纪念莫高窟创建1650周年国际学术研讨会”综述//张先堂 李国(13

ZHANG Xiantang, A Summary of 2016 International Conferece in Commemoration of the 1650th Anniversary of the Mogao Grottoes



CHAI Jianhong, History, Geography, and Wandering Monks-A Brief Discussion on Cave Construction at Mogao


敦煌莫高窟:见证佛教的荣光与世界文化遗产//释法宝 著  王先平 译(26

Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana, Trans. WANG Pingxian, The Mogao Caves Dunhuang: A Testimony of Buddhist Glory and World Cultural Heritage



Archaeological Instit ute of the Dunhuang Academy, A Brief Report on the Excavation of the Unnumbered Caves of the Western Thousand-Buddha Grottoes at Dunhuang




YE Lang, Elevating the State of Life



敦煌与瓜州西夏时期石窟艺术的比较研究//何卯平 宁强(41

HE Ma oping NING Qiang, A Comparative Study of Western Xia Period Buddhist Cave Art from Dunhuang and Guazhou



CHEN Ming, An Iconological Study of the Donor Figures on the Wall above the East Entrance of the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes



WANG Fang, A Discussion on Atavika Images in Dunhuang f rom the Tang to the Five Dynasties



LI Jingjie, An Iconological Analysis of the Liao Dynasty Bronze Buddha Plate Excavated from Baarin Left Banner



CHEN Aifeng, A Study on the Avalokitesvara-guna-karanda-vyuha Sutra Iliustration in Cave 17 at the Bezeklil Grottoes



LIU Tao, A Study on the Chronology of the Wall Painting of the Tang and Uighur Periods at the Kumtura Grottoes Centering on Caves 12, 15, 16 and 17




HUANG Zhengjian, A Study on the Divination Documents among the Otani Collection(I

) – Plus a Comparison with Dunhuang’s Divination Documents



WANG Xinglin, A Study on the Xinji-beiji-jiujing fron Dunhuang Documents



《肩水金关汉简(贰)》“□陵丞印”考//周艳涛 张显成(115

ZHOU Yantao, ZHANG Xiancheng, A Textual Research of the Words “Ling Cheng Yin(□陵丞印)” in the Han Dynasty Bamboo and Wooden Slips from Jianshuijin guan(II)



LI Hongcai, Interpreting the Word “Mo Shi”





YANG Baoyu, On the Tributary Activity Carried out by Zgang Yitan in 851 CE-A Study Centered on Dunbuang Manuscript Yu.032-1 Held in Japan




WANG Jiqing,On Aurel Stein’s Purchases of Chinese Manuscripts at Dunhuang during His Third Central Asian Expedition



A General Catalogue of 2016 Dunhuang Research











FAN Jinshi, Exploration and Practice in the Conservation and Management of the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes


客观真实性:莫高窟保护与管理中的文化与合作问题//内维尔·阿根纽 著 王平先 译(06

Neville AGNEW, Trans, WANG Pingxian, Material Truth: Cultural and Collaborative Issues in Conservation and Management at Mogao



WANG Xudong, Watching Over Dunhuang



RONG Xinjiang Historical Perspective on Dunhuang and the Mogao Caves


在“敦煌莫高窟专题研讨会”上的发言//倪密·盖茨  宋罗兰(25

Mimi GATES, SONG Lolan, Cave Temples of Dunhuang: History, Art, and Materiality Closing Remarks


在“敦煌莫高窟专题研讨会”上的总结发言//罗泰 著 王平先 译(28

Lothar von FALKENHAUSEN, Trans, WANG Pingxian, Cave Temples of Dunhuang: History, Art, and Materiality Concluding Remarks



HE Yulei, Review of “Cave Temples of Dunhuang: History, Art, and Materiality”




LIU Yuquan, The Origins of Xuanzang Portraiture and Early Images of Xuanzang – An Iconographical Study on Xuanzang(1)


宁夏、内蒙古境内的西夏石窟调查----西夏石窟考古与艺术研究之一//赵晓星 朱生云(42

ZHAO Xiaoxing, ZHU Shengyun, Investigation of the Western Xia Caves in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia – Archaeology and Art Research of Western Xia Caves(1)


甘肃秦安“诸邑子石铭”考析----甘肃馆藏佛教造像研究之三//张铭 魏文斌(52

ZHANG Ming, WEI Wenbing, A Study on a “Community – Made Stele” in Qin’an, Gansu Province A Study on the Buddhist Steles of Gansu(III)



WU Jun, A Study on the Five Hundred Buddhist Arhats Sculpture Art in the Qiongzhu Temple, Kunming



WANG Ming, A Preliminary Study on Inscriptions on the Stele Made by the Quan Family of Shifo Township



Or.8210/S.2228系列古藏文文书及相关问题研究//杨铭 贡保扎西(76

YANG Ming, GONGBAO Tashi, A Study on the Tibetan Manuscript Series Or.8210/S.2288 and Relevant Problems



CHEN Guangwen, Research on the Administrative and Official System of Dunhuang in the Western Xia Dynasty



YU Xiaogang, Research on the Accounting Vouchers of Dunhuang Temples


四件敦煌道经残片考辨//张鲁君 韩吉绍(101

ZHANG Lujun, HAN Jishao, A Textual Study on Four Dunhuang Taoist Scripture Fragments



JIA Xiaojun, On the Chronological Annals in Historical Documents of the Wei, Jin, and Sixteen Kingdoms Periods Unearthed from the Hexi Region


百年来英藏敦煌汉文文献编目成果述评//宋雪春 董大学(113

SONG Xuechun, DONG Daxue, Review of the Cataloguing Work of Chinese Manuscripts from Dunhuang Collected in the British Library over the Past Century




ZHANG Xinpeng, An Preliminary Exploration of the Poem Song – yuan – huan – tong – da from Dunhuang Documents




LI Shuo, Castle Ruins at the Westernmost End of the Han Dynasty Great Wall and the “Dajiandu” in Dunhuang



LIN Xianzhong, Six Notes on the Han Dynasty Bamboo Slips From Jianshuijinguan(II)



西夏陵夯补支顶加固工艺质量控制研究//张博 王旭东 郭青林 裴强强 杨善龙 李凤洁(135

ZHANG Bo, WANG Xudong, GUO Qinglin, PEI Qiangqiang, YANG Shanlong, LI Fengjie, Quality Control Research on Reinforcement Technology Tests Using Rammed Earth to Fill Unsupported Walls in a Western Xia Imperial Tomb


薄荷醇在墓葬壁画抢救性揭取上的应用研究//韩向娜 张秉坚 罗宏杰 黄晓 苏伯民(142

HAN Xiangna, ZHANG Bingjian, LUO Hongjie, HUANG Xiao, SU Bomin, A Study on the Use of Menthol in the Emergency Removal of Tomb Murals



Abuduaini ABUDULA, A Study on the Consolidation of Wall Ruins in Ancient Gaochang City


库木吐喇石窟第56窟空鼓及起甲壁画的抢救性保护修复//徐永明 叶梅 王力丹(158

XU Yongming YE Mei, WANG Lidan, Emergency Restoration of Detached and Flaking Murals in Cave 56 at the Kumtura Grottoes









ZHANG Chi, A Study on Shayu Cliff Sculptures in Heshun County, Shanxi Province



ZHANG Baoxi, On the Images of Buddha Flanked by Brahma and Indra Found in the Caves of the Hexi Region



REN Pingshan, The Jataka Story of Dashi Emptying the Sea and Its Depiction in the Murals of the Toyok Grottoes



HUANG Wenzhi, A Stylistic Analysis of the South Central Shanxi Stone Buddhas Dated Between the Late Northern Wei and Eastern Wei Dynasties



HU Tongqing, A Preliminary Study on the Aesthetic Features of the Decorative Patterns of the Northern Dynasties at Dunhuang



SHAO Jun, Further Research on the Themes and Content of the Silk Paintings Unearthed from Hongfo Pogoda



YANG Sen, On the Images of Armchairs of the Five Dynasties in Dunhuang Murals




LIU Ruiming, New Annotations for the Essay on Medicine Names in Wu Zixu Bianwen



REN Wei, On the Naming, Collation, and Understanding of the Two Poems on the Reverse Side of Dunhuang Document P.2569


法藏敦煌P.5544册页释考----兼论P.5544P.4022+P.3636残卷之关系//蔡副全 宋涛(80

CAI Fuquan, SONG Tao, A Study on the Fragments of P.5544 ( Brief Historical Biography) Collected in France Plus a Discussion on the Relationship between P.5544 and P.4022+P.3636


敦煌《黄帝明堂经》残卷校释//王兴伊 于业礼(91

Wang Xingyi, YU Yeli, Proofreading and Interpreting the Huangdi Mingtang Jing Unearthed from Dunhuang



NIE Zhijun, Reinterpreting the Text of Zhang Hailong Xiatian Qi Unearthed from Turpan



ZHOU Shangbing, Social Production in Shandibg in the Tang Dynasty as Evidenced by Document P.3723




FANG Guangchang, On the Name and Titles of Taoist Priest Wang


回鹘医学与东西方医学关系考//王丹 杨富学(119

WANG Dan, YANG Fuxue, On the Relationship between Uighur Medicine and the Others Along the Silk Road




ZHOU Sheng, Emendation of Eight Words in Dunhuang Manuscript Дx.10787 Kept in Russia


释“慈其”及相关称谓//张丽萍 张显成(130

ZHANG Liping, ZHANG Xiancheng, On Interpretations of the Word Ciqi and Related Titles



FLAC3D 在潮湿环境史前考古土遗址直立探方稳定预判中的应用//陈鹏飞 张景科 谌文武 杨善龙 和法国 陆恺(135

CHEN Pengfei, ZHANG Jingke, CHEN Wenwu, YANG Shanlong, HE Faguo, LU Kai, Application of FLAC3D in Pre – Judging the Stability of Vertical Excavation Units of Prehistoric Archaeological Sites in Moist Environments



















ZHAO Shengliang, The Art of Sui Dynasty Narrative Paintings at Dunhuang



DAI Chunyang, A Study on Tang Dynasty Brick Tombs with Impressed Statues and the Yin Family Tombs from the Foyemiaowan at Dunhuang


甘肃省民乐县童子寺石窟内容总录//丁得天 焦成(17

DING Detian, JIAO Cheng, A Generad Catalogue of the Tongzisi Grottoes in Minle, Gansu Province



GU Dingfang, An Analysis of the Qing Dynasty Images of Twelve Bodhisttvas with the Twelve Earthly Branches Found at Gaoping in Shanxi Province


四川安岳岳阳镇菩萨湾摩崖造像调查简报//四川大学考古学系 成都文物考古研究所 安岳县文物局(35

Department of Archaeology, Sichuan University, Chengdu Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Anyue County Administration of Cultural Heritage, An Investigative Report of the Pusawan(Bodhisattva Bay) Cliff Sculpture in Yueyang Tomn, Anyue County, Sichuan Province



CHEN Juxia, A Study on the Construction Date and Patrons of Cave 35 at the Yulin Grottoes



GU Shuyan, On the Disappearance and Reappearance of the Illustration of the Conterst between Sariputra and Raudraksa in the Dunhuang Caves




LIU Jinbao, Research on P.3257, The Complaint Lodged by the Widow A’long



HUANG Lou, On the Restoration of Northern Liang Explanation Texts among the Turfan Documents and Relevant Problems



GU Lingyun, On the Effectiveness of the Tang Dynasty Private Land Sale Ban According to Unearthed Dunhuang - Turpan Contracts



ZHAO Jiadong, An Examination of the Word Ruanwu(软五)in Dunhuang Manuscripts




LI Shuhui, New Textual Research on the Ancient City of Wulapo


裴矩《西域图记》研究拾零----兼与余太山、李锦绣二先生商榷//颜世明 高健(93

YAN Shiming, GAO Jian, A Study on Xiyu Tuji by Pei Ju - Plus a Discussion with Mr. Yu Taishan and Ms. Li Jinxiu




MA Zhiquan, A Study on the Water Conservancy Work Of Dunhuang Based on Han Dynasty Bamboo Slips



莫高窟壁画疱疹病害调查研究//陈港泉 李燕飞 刘瑞 柴勃隆 崔强 柴宗香 牛贺强(110

CHEN Gangquan, LI Yanfei, LIU Rui, CHAI Bolong, CUI Qiang, CHAI Zongxiang, NIU Heqiang, An Investigation of the Blisters on the Mogao Grottoes


莫高窟窟区微气候环境研究//尚瑞华 闫增峰 王旭东 张正模 王江丽 樊夏玮 高文强(117

SHANG Ruihua, YAN Zengfeng, WANG Xudong, ZHANG Zhengmo, WANG Jiangli, FAN Xiawei, GAO Wenquang, Research on the Micro-Climate Environment of Mogao Grottoes


敦煌莫高窟九层楼屋顶结构探析//李江 杨菁(124

LI Jiang, YANG Jing, Research on the Structure of the Nine - Storied Temple at Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes




ZHENG Acai, Dunhuang Studies and Mr. Huang Yong - wu & His Achievements in the Research of Dunhuang Poetry of the Tang Dynasty














----以莫高窟第98窟为例// 范鹏(01

FAN peng, The Value System Reflected by the Construction of the Dunhuang Caves at the Beginning of the Gui – yi - jun Regime Ruled by the Cao Family


文殊山石窟西夏《水月观音图》与摩利支天图》考释//张小刚 郭俊叶(08

ZHANG Xiaogang, GUO Junye, A Study on the Images of Water - Moon Avalokitesvara and Marici of the Western Xia Dynasty in the Wenshushan Grottoes


以东亚玄奘画像为中心审视圣僧化历程//王静芬 著 张善庆 译(16

Dorothy C. WONG, Trans, ZHANG Shanqing, The Making of a Saint: Images of Xuanzang in East Asia



ZHANG Jingfeng, A New Discovery on the Donor Figures in Cave 217 at Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes


久别重逢的石雕----云冈石窟窟前出土的几件石雕找到了位置//员小中 王雁翔(40

YUAN Xiaozhong, WANG Yanxiang, On the Discovery of the Original Resting Place of Several Stone Sculptures Excavated from the Front of the Yungang Grottoes


新发现资中月仙洞两龛僧伽变相初考//高秀军 李向东(46

GAO Xiujun, LI Xiangdong, A Preliminary Study on Two Engraved Illustrations of Seng Qie Found in Yuexian Cave in Zizhong


利用三维激光扫描测量数据与电脑绘图软件绘制敦煌彩塑//吕文旭 段奇三(55

L? Wenxu, DUAN Qisan, Drawing the Painted Statues of Dunhuang Caves Using 3D Laser Scanning Data and Computer - Aided Drawing Software



WU Xiaohui, The Basic Approach for Manually Drawing Unfolding Graphs of Niche Interiors




SENG Gaixia, A Study on the Crown of Medicine Chebule in Dunhuang Documents from the Tang and Song Dynasties



MENG Tanxia, Water Conservancy Construction and Management in the Dunhuang Area as Reflected in Han Dynasty Bamboo Slips



ZHAO Dawang, The Restrictions Adopted by the Gui – yi - jun Regime to Limit Privileges of Keeping Others from Labor - Based Primarily on P.3231,Pingdangxiang Guanzhaiji



DAI LuqiDunhuang Buddhist Seals



潮湿环境黏性土地区考古现场地下水控制试验研究//张明泉 郭青林 杨善龙 杜韶光 马宏海 刘衍 王小娜(95

ZHANG Mingquan, GUO Qinglin, YANG Shanlong, DU Shaoguang, MA Hanghai, LIU Yan, WANG Xi - aona, Experimental Research on the Technology of Underground Water Control Applied to Archaeological Sites in Cohesive Soil Regions in Humid Environments


文化科技融合在文化遗产保护中的运用----以敦煌莫高窟数字化为例//陈振旺 樊锦诗(100

CHEN Zhenwang, FAN Jinshi, Application of Cultural and Technological Convergence in Cultural Heritage Protection - A Case Study of the Digitalization of the Mogao Grottoes


古代墓室壁画地仗加固材料的室内研究//赵林毅 李黎 樊再轩 李最雄(108

ZHAO Linyi, LI li,FAN Zaixuan,LIZuixiong, Laboratory Study on the Conservation and Restoration Materials of Wall Paintings of Ancient Tombs


敦煌彩绘文物数字化保护色卡制作方法研究//梁金星 万晓霞 刘强 李婵 王琪(117

LIANG Jinxing, WAN Xiaoxia, LIU Qiang, LI Chan, WANG Qi, A Study on How to Make Color Charts for the Digital Protection of Dunhuang Art Paintings




DENG Wenkuan, A Historically Nonexistent Method of Chronology - A Reading of The Chronology of Ancient Turkish Society


秋风独倚书斋立 遥想真晖对暮山----读汪泛舟《敦煌诗解读》有感//颜廷亮 巨虹(137

YAN Tingliang, JU Hong, Notes on Dunhuang Shi Jiedu by Wang Fanzhou
















HE Zhiguo, Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Palace, and Tusita Heaven - On the Iconographical Origin of Maitreya’s Tusita Heaven in Mogao Cave 275


敦煌莫高窟第285窟北壁供养人像和供养人题记//石松日奈子 著 筱原典生 于春 译(12

Hinako ISHIMATSU, Trans, Norio SHINOHARA, YU Chun, Donor Figures and Chinese Inscriptions on the North Wall Paintings of Mogao Cave 285 at Dunhuang




ZHAO Rong, Research on the Graphic Solution Method in Unfolding Drawings of Niches Based on 3D Laser Scanning



ZHANG Minghao, A Preliminary Study on the Types of Chiwei in the East Asian Circle


印度阿旃陀生死轮图与尼泊尔马头观音之间的联系//梁燕 张同标(42

LIANG Yan, ZHANG Tongbiao, The Relationship between Samsaravakra in India and Hayagriva Lokesvra in Nepal



LU Deting, On the Early Images of Mrgasirsa Brahmacarin and Their Religiotis Connotations



敦煌本《金光明经》残卷缀合研究//张涌泉 朱若溪(58

ZHANG Yongquan, ZHU Ruoxi, On the Restoration of the Fragments of the Suvarnaprabhasa Sutra from Dunhuang Documents



ZHANG Xuaoyan, Restoration and Study on the Fragments of Four Apocryphal Scriptures Among Dunhuang Documents


敦煌佛教文献《大乘无量寿经》缀合研究//张磊 左丽萍(78

ZHANG Lei, ZUO Liping, Research on the Restoration of Dunhuang Buddhist Manuscrpts of the Great Vehicle Sutra of Immeasurable Longevity



SHEN Ruquan, The tang Dynasty Court Verdict of Dunhuang Manuscript P.3813 and the Song Dynasty Verdicts in Hua-pan



YANG Xueyong, The Qijie Li of the Three - Stage School and the Worship Rite of Chanting Buddha’s Names




LI Dawei, A Study on the Judeo - Persian Letter Found at Dandan Oilik



《居延新简》中的“行口帻”//聂丹 聂淼(111

NIE Dan, NIE Miao, The “Xingshengze” in the New Wooden Slips from Juyan



HUANG Yanping, An Analysis of the Term “Sui”(Beacon Tower) and Its Various Designations in the Han Dynasty Wooden Slips from Jianshuijinguan




WU Jian, Poly - Isometric Digital Culture - The Presentation and Display of the Digital Culture of Dunhuang Caves



----以陕北明长城单体建筑为例//姚雪 孙满利

YAO Xue, SUN Manli, The Quantitative Evaluation of Deteration Degrees of Earthen Sites Based on Gray Correlation Analysis - A Case Study of a Single Building of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Northern Shaanxi



苏莹辉先生敦煌学研究述要----纪念先生诞辰100周年//伏俊琏 张志杰(135

FU Junlian, ZHANG Zhijie, Summary of Mr. Su Yinghui’s Dunhuang Studies - in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Su Yinghui



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